About Whitney's Hope

Whitney grew up in foster care and was a beloved member of Genesis Church . She endured a failed adoption and was placed in a therapeutic group home. Despite very difficult circumstances, she graduated high school, was attending college, and wanted very much to improve the lives of other children growing up in foster care. Unfortunately, she could not see that dream come to fruition, as her young life was cut short in an auto accident. We hope to honor her memory by carrying on her mission and giving foster children hope.

Whitney’s Hope exists to encourage community participation in the lives of children in foster care through training, education, support and service projects. Our passion is to improve the lives of children and teens in care and to encourage fostering and adoption by qualified families. We also aim to educate the members of the community, who may not currently be interested in fostering or adopting, regarding the many other ways they can positively impact the lives of these children. 

Our Mission

The mission of Whitney’s Hope is to create a culture of support for adoption and foster care in our community, thereby creating better outcomes for children currently in the care of the state.

How do we accomplish this?


The Whitney’s Hope Mentoring Program seeks to match kids with mentors prior to aging out of foster care with the intention of building relationships that last beyond foster care. We seek to provide the guidance and support they need to navigate the adult world.

Enhanced Visitation

The enhanced visitation program seeks to give biological parents working toward reunification with their children a fun, free, safe place to spend time with their kids. We open up the church to them, provide snacks, set up toys and activities and give the parents space and support to help them bond with their children.

Community Closet

The closet contains items that may be needed by youths aging out to set up their first homes, biological families preparing for their children to come home, or foster parents in need for their foster children. Everything is available free of charge.

Adoption/Foster Care Awareness

Whitney’s Hope, in partnership with Heart Gallery of the Big Bend, has set up a permanent display of photos at Genesis Church of children awaiting forever families. We also host trainings, information fairs and recruitment efforts throughout the year.


Upcoming Events