Sundays at 9:29 and 11:01 in Kidsville!


Genesis Kids believes that the family has the greatest influence on a child’s life! That is why we partner with the family to support parents in leading their children into a genuine and dynamic relationship with God. Genesis Kids aims for all children and parents to live out the mission of Genesis Church: To Know Christ and Make Him Known. Sunday mornings in Genesis Kids are a time for children and parents to encounter God, His Word, and His Works. We look forward to your family joining us on this amazing adventure!




Genesis Kids has designed each class to be exciting, creative, and fun as we utilize The Gospel Project curriculum that takes children on an amazing adventure of heart transformation, theological development, and call to mission and witness. Our outstanding volunteers, who love teaching the next generation about Christ’s love, design every activity, game and craft to support that day’s lesson and Main Point Idea.


Please plan on arriving 10-15 minutes before the experience begins. When you arrive, look for the Genesis Kids Check In Desk where one of our volunteers will greet you and register your family.

Once your child has been registered and checked in, you and your child will be given matching identification tags that are exclusive to your family and your visit. Your child’s ID tag will be worn on his or her back. Parents are asked to wear ID tags on their right shoulder. At the end of the experience, the two tags will be matched in order for children to be checked out of their classroom. A child will not be released without a matching ID tag. If you misplace your tag, please head to the Genesis Kids Check In Desk and we will be happy to print you a new one.

If your child needs you during the experience, we will contact you by displaying the unique code from your ID tag on the screen in the adult worship experience.



In our Babies class, we strive to create the first building blocks of a strong, Gospel-centered foundation for our children. We create a loving and calm environment for our little ones to discover and experience God’s love through the help of our caring nursery volunteers. Our time is spent singing songs, engaging the babies in play and telling them of Jesus’ unending love for them.




The Walkers room is where our one year olds are given a chance to explore, play, and interact as they learn about God and are introduced to Biblical truths. Our curriculum expands to include a variety of Bible-based, hands-on activities and gospel gems to reinforce the lesson. Whether through a game, coloring pages or even snack time, God’s love is evident in every moment spent in this class.


The Toddler class provides age-appropriate Bible lessons and learning activities that are both fun and spiritually rich. Each class is designed to meet children at their level in a safe environment where they can feel loved and grow in their faith. Every part of the lesson, from games to crafts, reinforces the day’s lesson and main point. Parents are encouraged to use the activity sheets to continue the discussion with children after they leave.


Pre-K & Kindergarten

The PreK-Kindergarten class is where the foundation of Biblical truths and God’s love converges into an explosion of comprehension and growth. Each Sunday, the children will experience an awesome Bible lesson and will respond through exciting games and worship in an interactive environment. Activity sheets come home to help parents extend the Bible lesson and main point ideas throughout the week.




Our elementary class is a fun, interactive, and inspiring experience designed specifically for our older children. They participate in corporate worship and teaching in an upbeat and energetic environment. Smalls groups provide an opportunity to build relationships with both peers and leaders, as they apply and reflect on the lesson through activities, discussion and prayer.